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How It Offers Solutions?

Wapy makes life easier! We know how busy you are. That's why we only send you notifications when people you follow are online or offline on WhatsApp. WhatsApp Tracker is an application that allows you to automatically track the online/offline status of your loved ones, friends and family members on WhatsApp. All you have to do is install Wapy on your device and sign up to start receiving real-time notifications when they are online or offline. All notifications are reliable and reliable, so you can trust what the tracker shows you.  

All you have to do is install our application and it will automatically start monitoring the WhatsApp profile of the person you want to follow.

Real Time Notification

Do you find it difficult to suppress the stalker in you about the WhatsApp movements of your lover, close friends or family members? Then let's give you the good news right now! Thanks to Wapy, you can receive real-time notifications that the people you want are online or offline during use.

User Security and Data Privacy

While Wapy is an application that cares about user privacy, it does not share your personal data with any third party application. Accordingly, anyone using Wapy or a similar application cannot see that you are using Wapy.

Detailed WhatsApp User Reports

Thanks to detailed WhatsApp user reports, Wapy users can get daily, weekly and even monthly WhatsApp usage data of the person they want, about real-time data. In addition, users can receive WhatsApp user reports by e-mail at regular intervals. Within the scope of the user reports you will receive, you can also get insights on the time intervals of the users you monitor online and offline status, which are more active.

Follow Anyone You Want

There is no restriction on adding any contacts during the use of Wapy. You can instantly receive real-time notifications of as many people as you want in your contact list. All you have to do is to activate WhatsApp activity notifications for that person by adding the number you want on Wapy.

Affordable Price Options

There are different packages available on Wapy that meet different usage needs. Regardless of your usage needs, you can take advantage of the package options that are suitable for you with the most affordable price ranges. You also have the option to cancel your subscription at any time. Among our packages, advanced packages such as different number tracking options and detailed tracking reports options come to the fore.


Find a plan that's right for you.

Every plan comes with a 30-day free trial.

  • "Weekly Plan"


    • Unlimited Listing
    • Edit Your Listing
    • Approve Reviews
  • "Monthly Plan"


    • Unlimited Listing
    • Edit Your Listing
    • Approve Reviews
    • Take Booking Online
    • 24/7 Support Service
  • "3 Month Plan"


    • Unlimited Listing
    • Edit Your Listing
    • Approve Reviews

100% Safe User Experience with Wapy

100% secure and confidential reports Chat in peace knowing that your personal information is safe with our strict security procedures.Our encryption standards match those of WhatsApp, so your information is never compromised.

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